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Helping people and organizations work well in the virtual workplace

About VirtualWorks!

VirtualWorks! helps organizations learn new ways to work productively in the virtual workplace. We provide employees, teams and leaders with skills for communicating and collaborating effectively in the increasingly virtual work environment. Our areas of focus include virtual leadership, virtual teams, telework, and work-life balance in the digital age. We work with organizations to identify the competencies, develop the skills, and implement the actions necessary for people to work seamlessly across distances. As a result, dispersed teams can collaborate effectively and work together more efficiently.

We offer:

  • Training program, workshop & seminars
  • Books, e-booklets & guides
  • Coaching & consulting services
  • Speaking services

Founded by Debra A. Dinnocenzo in 1995, VirtualWorks! (formerly ALLearnatives) has a rich history of training delivery as a key method to effect change and develop capability within organizations. We design and implement learning programs tailored to organizational needs and delivered via various methods and technologies including classroom training, teleseminar, webinar, videoconference, and virtual interactive worlds. VirtualWorks! also delivers individual and team coaching and leadership consulting in connection with challenges and opportunities in the virtual workplace.

Debra A. Dinnocenzo is a recognized leader in virtual workplace issues and has published numerous books and articles on virtual teams, virtual leadership, telework and work-life balance in the virtual workplace.

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Debra A. Dinnocenzo