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Telecommuting Self-Assessment

Is Telework For You?  Find out now:

successful telecommuterTelecommuter Self-assessment

Respond to each of the following statements.

Personal Traits/Preferences

  I believe I:
TrueFalse enjoy working independently.
TrueFalse like to think through and resolve problems myself.
TrueFalse am a high initiative person.
TrueFalse am not a procrastinator.
TrueFalse can set and stick to a schedule.
TrueFalse like to organize and plan
TrueFalse am a self-disciplined person
TrueFalse am able and willing to handle administrative tasks.
TrueFalse can balance attention to major objectives and small details.
TrueFalse do not need constant interaction with people.
TrueFalse can work effectively with little or no feedback from others.
TrueFalse enjoy being in my own home.
TrueFalse do not need frequent feedback or coaching.
TrueFalse have the required level of verbal and written communication skills.
TrueFalse can pace myself to avoid both overworking and wasting time.
TrueFalse can resist a refrigerator that is only a few steps away.

Job Appropriateness

  My job:
TrueFalse requires minimal face-to-face interaction.
TrueFalse involves many responsibilities that can be met by phone, fax or modem.
TrueFalse Accountabilities can be quantified, measured and monitored.
TrueFalse affords me the freedom to manage my work as I see best.
TrueFalse does not require frequent interaction with work associates.
TrueFalse involves co-workers who are supportive and collaborative.

Home Office Space/Environment

  I have a space in my home office that:
TrueFalse has an adequate amount of work space for my current needs.
TrueFalse would provide opportunities for future expansion.
TrueFalse has an adequate amount of storage space.
TrueFalse has adequate lighting.
TrueFalse has sufficient ventilation.
TrueFalse has a safe number of electrical circuits.
TrueFalse is quiet enough to allow me to concentrate.
TrueFalse provides appropriate separation from home/family distractions.
TrueFalse is a pleasant and comfortable space I'd enjoy working in.
TrueFalse is a reasonable distance from needed business services.
TrueFalse has no zoning or lease restrictions that preclude telecommuting.
TrueFalse has adequate insurance coverage to protect business equipment.

Family Support

  My family:
TrueFalse is supportive of my desire to telecommute and will react positively.
TrueFalse is willing to minimize distractions and interruptions.
TrueFalse will not require care or involvement from me during work hours.
TrueFalse can accept my need to focus on work during business hours.
TrueFalse is stable and has no relationship conflicts that would be distracting.

  • IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BECOMING A TELECOMMUTER, evaluate whether any of the false statements represent potential barriers to your success as a telecommuter or areas requiring extra effort on your part to overcome a potential obstacle.
  • IF YOU ARE ALREADY TELECOMMUTING, use the False statements to identify any areas of difficulty that are detracting from your productivity or satisfaction as a telecommuter.

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